Registered Mentor Scheme - an Introduction for Mentors

It has long been known that becoming a Mentor is a noted method of management development across industry and commerce.  It is highly relevant to most jobs and non-work life, and enables the mentor to give back knowledge, expertise and learning to the student community, as well as furthering their own lifelong learning experience.

Oxford Brookes University have launched a Registered Mentor Scheme which is mandatory for all Research and Analysis Project (RAP) Mentors.  Students who are submitting their RAP will be required to have a Registered Mentor and will be asked to enter their mentor email details when they submit their RAP.

Mentors for the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting are required to be one of the following:

  • A Full ACCA Member  (we cannot accept Affiliate Members unless they meet one of the following);
  • The student's Tutor at an ACCA Learning Provider - we need to know which LP (Mentors cannot be self-employed);
  • The student's Line Manager or Senior Colleague  (we require a work email to be registered);

False statements in application which are found at any stage will result in a mentor being barred from Mentoring.  We demand and expect full professionalism at all times.  It must be noted that Mentoring is NOT intended to be a full time job, Mentors are expected to be in full-time employment elsewhere.

The Registered Mentor Scheme requires all mentors to undertake an Online Mentoring Course which can be accessed through the link below:

The aim of this programme is to provide an On-line Mentoring Course for potential mentors providing them with a knowledge and skills base, and learning materials, so that they can best support their students in the mentoring process.

Registering as a mentor on this course will give mentors the option (once they have passed the training) to be listed on the global database. This means that students are able to easily find mentors that they would be able to use for their studies from their home location. The global database is in both map and list form.

The On-Line Mentoring Course is designed specifically for mentors of BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting students of Oxford Brookes University.  This Course has been designed to support the growth of professional mentoring skills in the practitioner community.  It introduces some of the key aspects of mentoring to support the mentoring role within the RAP. However it will also provide skills and additional resources that support mentor personal development and can be applied in normal working contexts.

Mentoring is increasingly seen as a key contributor to maximising staff productivity so we hope that by enhancing mentor knowledge and skills of mentoring, mentors who are also managers will be able to apply this learning and key skills in their own organisation.

If mentors are an ACCA member, studying this module may count towards CPD as long as the material is relevant to their training and development needs. One hour of learning equates to one hour of CPD: ACCA advises this as a guide when allocating your CPD Units.  Upon successful completion of the programme mentors will be awarded with a certificate which may qualify for up to 6 hours of CPD credits.

The course comprises of four modules:

  • Understanding the BSc Applied Accounting
  • Understanding Mentoring
  • Mentoring Competencies
  • Models for Mentoring

Each module will have:

Learning Objectives: These will introduce define aims and learning objectives
Topic Material: Subject content to read
Development Time: Questions to consider for personal development
Case Studies: Examples of mentoring aspects in practice
Library: References for further reading and follow up

Each of the 4 modules has to be passed, the pass level is 80%, and Mentors have a maximum of 10 attempts to pass.   The current price of the Online Mentoring course for Mentors is £85 (GBP).

ACCA students can sign up as a mentee/student (at no cost) through the website and will have free access to the website and will be able to use it to find mentors and access resources.  ACCA students who are still intending to submit a RAP cannot sign up as Mentors.

The small print:

Mentors are not employees of Oxford Brookes University and we do not set or control any fees that they may charge students.

Oxford Brookes will retain the right to remove a mentor from the registered list of mentors if they consider the standard of mentoring shown by the mentor falls below the professional qualities that Oxford Brookes University would expect.  Such as when a mentor is implicated in a series of proven student Academic Misconduct Cases. 

The guidelines and student information on the degree are very clear about cheating and the consequences of so doing.  They are also very clear about the necessity of referencing the Research and Analysis Project (RAP) according to Harvard referencing.  An article on Plagiarism and cheating can be found in the Information Pack, gives clear guidance on plagiarism and academic misconduct.  In worst cases we will also inform ACCA.


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