Registered Mentor Scheme: Information for BSc (Hons) Applied Accounting students

Oxford Brookes University have launched a Registered Mentor Scheme which is mandatory for all Research and Analysis Project (RAP) Mentors.  

Students who are submitting their RAP will be expected to have a Registered Mentor (students who are re-submitting a RAP that was first submitted prior to November 2015 should contact the BSc office) and will be asked to enter their mentor email details when they submit their RAP.  Students will also be asked to confirm that Oxford Brookes are able to write to their mentor for verification in relation to their submission.  It is not possible for Oxford Brookes University to find students a Mentor.

Students should understand that a Mentor is your Personal Consultant (NOT your tutor) and may charge you for their services, charges can be from £0 to £500 GBP.  It is recommended that you draw up a contract with your mentor, agreeing what (s)he will give you by way of support, and what you will pay and when.

You do not have to meet your mentor face to face but may, if more convenient, use some form of Video link (such as Skype).  Telephone and email are not acceptable options - you are obliged to give the PowerPoint presentation live to your Mentor.


The Registered Mentors Scheme requires all mentors to undertake and pass an Online Mentoring Course which can be accessed through the link below:

The aim of this programme, which has 4 modules, is to provide an On-line Mentoring Course for potential mentors providing them with a knowledge and skills base, and learning materials, so that they can best support you their students in the mentoring process.  Mentors have to pass the tests set on all 4 modules to gain access to the Register.  All Mentors should be trained before they start mentoring.  If your Mentor is not registered you cannot submit - if in doubt please email the BSc office.


ACCA students can sign up as a mentee/student (at no cost) through the website and will have free access to the website and will be able to use it to find mentors and access the many Resources.

Oxford Brookes will retain the right to remove a mentor from the registered list of mentors if they consider the standard of mentoring shown by the mentor falls below the professional qualities that Oxford Brookes would expect, such as when a mentor is implicated in a series of proven student Academic Misconduct Cases. The guidelines and student information on the degree are very clear about cheating and the consequences of so doing. They are also very clear about the necessity of referencing the Research and Analysis Project (RAP) according to Harvard referencing. 

An article on Plagiarism and cheating , can be found in the Information Pack.  This gives clear guidance on plagiarism and academic misconduct issues.


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